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Anime LA 2012 Adventures (Photos and videos)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 11:06 PM

ALA 2012 Flickr Photosets: (hi-res versions available upon request.)
Randomness:… (67 photos)
Kuroshitsuji Black Butler Gathering:… (109 photos)
Naruto Gathering:… (120 photos)

Our Yamato/Tenzo + Kakashi Photoshoot with Kimohiro-kun: :iconkimihirokun:…
Jounin Adventure 0223 by Bkitten

ALA 2012 Videos
Naruto & Sasuke dancing in Lobby:
Yamato Fails:
Wushu Kung Fu Kakashi:
Taekwondo Itachi:
America Plays for Burgers:

My ALA 2012 Cosplays:
Friday: Slinky Pajama Kakashi
Saturday: Gaiden Kakashi & Kakashi going to a Kuro party
Sunday: Kakashi jounin & skinny dippin Kakashi

Phew.. what a weekend. ALA was SO much fun!! I spent the weekend hanging out with my uber fun parents, stealthyninja27 and unsungheros. I was also supposed to hang out with thunderemperorraite but I showed up too late. :(

There was an incredible amount of positive energy streaming through the con. I met a lot of interesting/fun people and came back with memories that will last a lifetime. My legs are pretty sore from all the action filled con missions. I'm so happy I had a chance to play with you silly otakus. You guys are Rockstars!

I appreciate people for being themselves and having passion for what they do, even with all their quirks. I listen and give everyone a chance because everyone deserves to be treated fairly, even the awkward ones.

On a side note.. there was also negative energy streaming around.*sadface. Sure maybe not everyone had the BEST costume, but why hate? There's no reason to spoil the party for others, unless you're being mean.

Highlight memories:
- Trolling the impatient valet guys
- smexy pickles
- Escalator fun with Garchomp
- Cold brisk showers at my house because the hot water heater's thermal coupling is broken.
- Winning the Seme flag by playing rock paper scissor agaist Obito
- Grell's birthday party (O.o)! There was dancing/jokes, super tasty cake and shirts M.I.A.
- All the random dancing and shenanigans in the Marriott Lobby
- Evil Tiger Says... Left? right? wait arrr... Hand eye coordination fail.
- Photobombing hijinks
- Awesome martial arts demonstrations by wushu kung fu by Kakashi(Brandon?) and taekwondo by Itachi
- Recovering in the hot tub & pool Sunday night with snacks and oj
- Elevator farts and jokes with my dad

Funniest quote:
- "I know you guys.. you guys are from... Karuto!" - begger guy

Funniest moment:
The girl in the rocketship outfit, trolled us dancing as the elevator doors closed. She appeared to be intoxicated and doing pretty at dancing. Her facial expression was absolutely priceless she looked like she was concentrating really hard and wanted to give it to us baaad... LMAO! I egged her on by dance battling her for a few seconds. Her friend grabbed her and dragged her away.
All right you leghumpers... I'm going to reorganize my entire room, rest then I'm off to work/play at CES in Las Vegas. I'm gonna Icha Icha all sorts of awesome gadgets and technology! Mwa ha ha ha!! (Paris pastry shop breakfast ftw!)

Be sure to go outside and do something fistpump worthy this weekend! I know its not snowing where it should be. *fist to the sky!

<3 BK t(o.+)

<3 iLu :iconstealthyninja: :iconunsungheros: :iconthunderemperorraite: iLu <3

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